Moin zusammen,

ich habe mir mal die Mühe gemacht die Maps aus dem Thread (hier) in einigen Stunden Arbeit mit aktuellen Downloadlinks zu versehen.

Es sind alle Maps aus dem ursprünglichen Paket. Die Links verweisen immer auf die aktuellste Version der Map. Ich hoffe das Hilft dem ein oder anderem! Viel Spaß damit!

Hier findet ihr die besten 250 Warcraft 3 maps:

Castle Defence:

Castle defense
8 Hero Siege Mardes Edition
DDay: Blitzkrieg
Castle Defense
Castle Fight
Defence for Minas Tirith
Fulgore's Epic Castle Siege
Infernal Arena
LotR - Lord of the Rings Castle Wars
Starship Troopers
Tech Wars

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Footman Frenzy:
Footman Frenzy Chaos
Footman Frenzy
Footman Frenzy AI
Footmen Frenzy
Footmen Frenzy SC
FOOTMEN FRENZY - Professional

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Hero Arena
Micro Battle Arena
Angel Arena Morphed
Angel Arena X
Anime Hero Arena
Battle Arena
Legendary Heroes Ultimate
Elimination Tournament
Hero Wars EE
Legendary Heroes
The Summoner Remixed
The Summoner
The SUPER Summoner

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Hero Defence
Rival Nations SE
Advent of the Zenith
Battle Ships Imperial
Battle Tanks MG
Dark Deeds
Defend the Lich King modify kedebuk
Desert of Exile
DotA Allstars
Eternal Conflict
Enfo's Team Survival: Ripped Off!
EotA: Twilight
Enfo's Team Survival by Mardes
Hokage Ninja - English Version
Humans vs Orcs
DDay: Judgement
Land of Legends
Moo Moo
Naruto: 3rd Shinobi Wars
Naruto Wars
Orc Gladiators
Rival Nations
Sacred War Revolution
Starship Troopers
Starship Troopers Ultimate
Starship Troopers Ultimate
The Great Strategy
Tides of Blood
X Hero Siege
BattleShips - Allstars

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Hero Line Wars

Anime Hero Line wars
Custom Hero Line Wars
Hero Line War Anti
Hero Line War G.B
Hero Line War Lition
Hero Line Wars Deluxe
Hero Line War Ultra
Hero Line War Remix RH
Hero Line War - Pro Version
Star Wars Hero Line War

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Carnac's Maul
Diablo 2 Maul
Element Maul
Halo Maul
Inuyasha Maul
Kingdom Hearts
Megaman Maul
Metal Maul Wars
Pokemaul Ruby
Randgruppen TD 2 - Extended
Shopping Maul
South Park Maul Twist
Star Wars Maul
WarCraft Maul
WinterMaul - Hb

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Mini-Games & Sports
Elite Snipers
Pokemon World Advanced
SmashTV Arcade 2K5
Uther Party
Azeroth Poker
Cannon Commanders
Dalaran University
MaD Balls Arena
Paintball Arena
TaK PaintBall
Pass the Bomb
Pudge Wars
Pudge Wars Advanced
Pudge Wars Reloaded
Run Kitty Run - Maria's Song
Super Smash Bros
Takeshis Castle
Worldcup of Warcraft

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Athistaur's Darkness RPG
City of the Seven Mithril Golems
COT RPG: Plains of Medea FoC
COT RPG 2: Plains of Medea FoC
COT RPG - Plain of Medea
COT RPG 2: Plains of Medea
Dragonball Z: Supreme RPG
DBZ Tribute Ultra
DeathRing's RPG
Defi4nc3's ORPG
D&D 3.5 - Calim River
Final Fantasy Epic RPG
Resident Evil: Countdown
Ice Troll Tribes
JungleTroll Tribes
Legacies: Tides of the Serpent
Legacies: Tides of the Serpent
Legend of Zelda - Epic RPG
The Black Road
Ragnarok Online
SoU: The Dark Phoenix
Spidering Willcage
The Imagica RPG
WarChasers for TFT - BONUS

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Sheep Games
Advanced Sheep Tag
Cats and Mice
Go FiSH!
Golem Tag
Horse Race
Kodo Tag
Power Racing
ShEeP TaG Rots-AdVaNcEd
Sheep Tag ROTS [K-I]'s
Sheep Tag
Sheep Tag Reborn
Survival by Acumenknight
Team Magic Duel
Tree Tag - Advance
Tree Tag (ralle)
Ultimate Sheep Tag

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Tower Defence
WetWork TD
Burbenog TD
Cube Defense NE
Autumn Crossing - Gold
Autumn Crossing TD
Bayus Firestorm TD
Blixel's Tower Defense
Blue TD
Counter-Strike TD
Cross TD
Cube Defense
DBZ Hero Maze TD
Dixel's Tower Defense
Eeve TD
Element TD
Green TD Pros
Green TD ZeRo
Green TD
Heaven TD
Hell TD
Lasers and Rockets TD
Line Tower Wars 7 Ranked
Liquid Tower Defense
Mafarazzo - For Pro Only
Magic The Gathering TD
Marvel TD
Micro Wars Evolution
MiduKan TD
Missile Command II
Missile War
Mafa TD: ANiMeX
nV - Survivor TD
Soldier Tower Defense
Palace TD - Advanced
Possession TFT
Sapphire Tower Defense
Skibi's Castle TD
Slams Solo TD
Spiral Survivor DBZ
Stackerz TD
Starcraft TD
Team Line Tower
X Tower Defense
Zelda TD
Zoator Survivor TD
Zwuckel TD
BK's Gem TD
Gem TD+

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Tower Wars
Wintermaul Wars TFT
TTW - Tropical Tower War
Wintermaul Wars TFT
Stronghold by KubriK
Line Tower Wars 2007
Asfy TD tournament

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Card Shuffle
Orcs & Elves
Peon Olympics
300 - Three Hundred - Full
Alien Invasion
Asterix & Obelix
Azeroth Wars Strategy
Chain of Command
DoBRP - Anathema
FM Vampire Hunters
Golem Resurrection
Jurassic Park Survival Silver
Katz und Maus PRO
Life of a Peasant Res-Evil
Night of the Dead II
Ninja vs Samurai
Ninja vs Samurai Extreme
Orcs & Elves - Classic
Pimp my Peon
Rabbits vs Sheep
Random Unit Chaos Battle
Resident Evil Nightmare
SimCityWars - AdvanceS
The Weakest Link
Water War - Submerged
Who is the Alien?
Who is the Alien?
World of Warcraft TFT

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