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    Post Progress & Status

    Hi @ all

    Aus Faulheit kopiere ich einfach mal den progress aus meinem Hive Forum:

    This is a list of the allready realized and the to-do features in Darkwind RPG – A Hero’s Tale.

    Custom Interface Features:

    10 Button Actionbar:
    • -Providing 10 clickable buttons for learned talents "done"
    • -Detecting left/right clicking "done"
    • -Showing grafical cooldown of talents inside the buttons "done"
    • -Working Global cooldown when a talent is used "done"
    • -Updating the attack icon with the currently used weapon "done"
    • -Allowing to plug/move, swap/remove talents into/inside/from the actionbar "done"
    • -Trying to cast an talent on an out of range target will force the hero to move in castrange "done"
    • -Coloring the buttons when the target is out of range "done"
    • -Coloring the buttons when not having enough mana "done"
    • -Coloring the buttons when the skill requirements aren’t passed "done"
    • -Embed animated progressbar to show your current exp "done"
    • -Allowing to bind the buttons to the hotkeys 1-0 via controls groups"creation"

    6 Button Beltbar:
    • -Providing 6 clickable buttons for usuable items like i.e. potions "done"
    • -Detecting left/right clicking "done"
    • -Showing grafical cooldown of items inside the buttons "done"
    • -Working Global cooldown when an item is used "done"
    • -Showing stacksize inside the buttons "done"
    • -Allowing to plug/move, swap/remove item into/inside/from the beltbar "done"
    • -Hiding the beltbar when being empty "done"

    The HUDs:
    Hero HUD:
    • -Showing detailed information about your current stats "done"

    Target HUD:
    • -Left/Right on a target will set it to your current target "done"
    • -Hitting ESC clears your current target "done"
    • -Showing detailed informations about your targets stats "done"
    • -Showing targets name, class and level "done"

    Party HUDs:
    • -Showing detailed information about your party members stats "done"
    • -Showing party members name and level "done"
    • -Allowing to select the party member by left clicking the HUD "done"
    • -Allowing to follow the party member by right clicking the HUD "done"

    The Loot/Roll system:
    Loot frame:
    • -Hitting ESC will close the lootframe "done"
    • -Showing a frame holding icons/names of dropped items "done"
    • -Showing tooltip on left click "done"
    • -Pick up via right click "done"

    Role frame:
    • -Showing a frame holding icon/name of rolled item "done"
    • -Showing tooltip on left click "done"
    • -Showing an animated progress bar fort he remaining rooltime "done"
    • -Providing two buttons, roll or disclame "done"

    The castbar:
    • -Providing an animated castbar to show the progress of casted and channeld spells/actions "done"
    • -Hitting ESC will cancel the casting/channeling "done"

    • -Hitting ESC will close all fullscreenmenus "done"

    • -Showing preview of equipt items "done"
    • -30 slot Backpack "done"
    • -6 slot belt "done"
    • -Money display "done"
    • -Tooltips on mouse over "done"
    • -Use/Equip on double click "done"
    • -Items can be dragged "done"
    • -Stack items of same type "done"
    • -Drop items/split item stacks "done"

    • -Showing detailed information about all of your stats/attribute "done"
    • -Provide buttons to spend attribute points "done"
    • -Showing animated progressbars for exp,fame,weapon/armorskill and special skills "done"
    • -Tooltips on mouseover "done"

    • -10 talent trees "creation"
    • -Talent points can be spent by left click "done"
    • -Tooltips on mouseover "done"
    • -Tier and requirement restrictions for learning talents "done"
    • -Showing allready spent talent points next tot he talent icons "done"
    • -Showing the amount of spent talent points per tree "done"
    • -Learned active talents can be pluged/moved, swaped/removed talents into/inside/from the actionbar "done"

    • -Showing current backpack items and merchant items "done"
    • -Tooltips on mouseover "done"

    The camerasystem:
    • -Providing a very smooth camera "done"
    • -Camera follows terrain Z "done"

    Custom Gameplay features:

    Hero controls:
    • -Hero moving by right click arrowkey "done"
    • -Right click on target will force the hero to engage the target "done"
    • -Right click on dead targets will start the loot process "done"
    • -Right click on interactive objects will start the interaction process "done"

    Scrolling combat Text(SCT):
    • -Showing damage/heals against your hero "done"
    • -Showing damage/heals against your target "done"
    • -Showings buffs/debuffs against your hero "done"
    • -showing buffs/debuffs against your target "done"
    • -Showing buff/debuff fading events "done"
    • -Showing events like i.e. +combat "done"

    Dynamic Attachment System (DAS)&Fitting Anmations System (FAS):
    • -All equiped armor and weapons parts are shown in your hero "done"
    • -All weapon types and fighting styles use individual animations "done"

    Buff/Debuff system:
    • -Global/Individual buffs/debuffs can be applied to mobs/hero "done"
    • -Buffs/Debuffs are shown in the hero‘s status list with icon and tooltip "done"
    • -Buffs/Debuffs are shown on the target as special effect "creation"
    • -Stackable buffs/debuffs "done"

    Hero Stats System (HSS):
    • -Let the hero‘s attributes effect his stats and skill effectivenes "done"
    • -Let the hero’s weapon/armor skills effect his stats "done"
    • -Let worn items effect the hero’s attributes and stats "done"
    • -Let learned talents effect the hero’s attributes and stats "done"
    • -Let item sets bonusses effect the hero’s attributes, stats and talents "done"
    • -Let buffs/debuffs effect ther hero‘s attribute, stats and status "creation"

    Artifical Intelligence (AI)
    • -Let Mobs guard their homelocation "done"
    • -Let Mobs engage the hero when coming to close "done"
    • -Implement Aggro managementsysten "done"
    • -Let Mobs use their given skills "creation"
    • -Simulate a basic logical behaviour "creation"

    Mob Management System (MMS):
    • -Being able to place mobs with all needed setting via trigger "done"
    • -Being able to change alle stats of every mob ingame via trigger "done"
    • -Being able to edit the behaviour of every mob ingame via trigger "done"
    • -Let mobs respawn if supposed to "done"
    • -Let mobs drop items from their specific loottables "done"

    Combat Management System (CMS):
    • -Let heros enter/leave combat "done"
    • -Let mobs enter/leave combat "done"
    • -Let NPCs enter/leave combat "done"
    • -Add aggrolists to mobs "done"
    • -Add aggrolists to heros "done"
    • -Add aggrolists to NPCs "creation"

    Non Player Characters (NPCs)
    • -Add a dialog based talk interaction to NPCs "done"
    • -Make the player able to chose the topic he want to talk tabout "done"
    • -Make the player able to start a trade with NPCs "done"
    • -Let NPCs interact with mobs i.e. attack "creation"

    Torch system:
    • -Make the player able to use torches and other light sources "done"
    • -Torches can be droped and picked up again "done"

    Game world:

    • -Add Realistic day and night lighting "done"

    Physic engine:
    • -Knockback "done"
    • -Collision "done"
    • -Are of effect spells will effect the enviroment "creation"

    Greetings Thy
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    Ich habe den Progress aktualisiert.


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